The Bottom 30: 1980
Saturday 4th April 1980
Between 12:00 to 14:00 hrs
Capital Radio 194 (London, UK)
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"I Remember Natalie"
7" on CBS Records (3958), UK from 1968.
Song writing credited to M. Antony, arranged and produced by Mark P. Wirtz and produced by Chris Mills and Mark Wirtz. B-side: "In My Dream World" (credited to Wirtz/Mills).
"Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1"
7" on Horse Records (HOSS 17), UK from 1972.
"Hot Lips Baby"
7" on Mar-Vel Records (MV1400), USA from August 1958 and is fully credited as "Herbie Duncan with Red Wells and his Caravan's from St. Louis".
B-side: "Little Angel". The record was also available on Glenn Records (1400) at around the same time. Herbie Duncan released a further two 7" records "Escape"/"Roll Along" (MV-GL-1401) in 1959 and "That's All"/"End Of The Rainbow" (MV-GL-1402) in 1960 - both on Glenn Records (owned by Harry Glenn and was a subsidiary of Mar-Vel Records but shared the same matrix numbers). "Hot Lips Baby" was re-issued as a 45rpm red vinyl 7" by Norton Records (45-117).
"Old MacDonald"
From the LP "Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies" on RCA Cambden Records, UK.
The King (although more like a Knave on this record). Just click on name to access one of 100's of web sites.
"Still Love You (In My Heart)"
7" on Universal Spirit (US001), UK from 1978 (it was not a US release as some mistakeningly state).
Helpless Huw's real name is probably Huw Meads. This was a "Double B-side" record (a typo or a joke perhaps) with the flip featuring "Lisa Jane" (also by Huw Mead). Writing credits (both sides): "Meads" and produced by Steve Adams.
There was a follow-up 7" EP in 1979 (also on Universal Spirit, US002) titled "Sid Vicious Was Innocent".
"It's Legal"
From the LP "Beat Girl" on Columbia Records, UK from 1960.
Shirley Ann plays an 18 year-old girl so the words have definite overtones (film score was by John Barry - his first).
"Benny's Theme"
7" on Pel Records (P001), UK from 1980
Music by the Mayson Glen Orchestra. Essentially a monologue of Benny's love for his ill-fated girlfriend Maureen this song had an instrumental version on the B-side. Paul Henry played "Benny Hawkins" on the popular UK early evening soap "Crossroads" between 1975 and 1988.
"Searching For My Baby"
7" on Gas Records (GAS 107), USA from 1969.
The song was the B-side, the A-side was "Pictures Of You". Gas was a subsidiary of Pama Records.
No information on this record found.
No information on this record found.
"Here Today, Gone Tomorrow"
7" on Fontana Records (TF601), UK, September 1965.
Song was the B-side, the flip being "Is there another way of loving you". The song also appeared on the LP "Tony Blackburn Meets Matt Munro" on Fontana Records (SFL 13161), UK form 1965 (see link left). Tony recorded many other records.
"Mother Went A Walking"
7" on Major-Minor Records (MM703), UK.
Also on an LP in the UK "Just A Quiet Conversation" released in 1970 by Starline (MRS 5162, an EMI budget offshoot).
From the LP "Revolution" on Fontana Records (MGF 27564), USA and as "Beatles Arias" in UK.
B-side from a 7" on Columbia Records (DB 8062), UK, November 1966
A-side: "Off The Hook" (which was recorded in USA) while the B-side ("Summertime") was recorded in London, UK. This was a follow-up to "You must be the one" / "Why treat me this way" on Columbia Records (DB 7999), Septembver 1966. Tommy recorded several records afterwards under the name of the Phantom band.
"Hurt Me"
7" on Pye Records (7N 15849), UK from 1965.
B-side was "It Can Happen To You". Jess released one further 7" in 1969 for President Records (PT269) titled "See The Tinker Ride"/"Other Side Of Life".
"You Gone Stomped On My Heart"
7" from USA possibly on Happy Tracks Records (104). No other information found.
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"Old Tige"
7" on RCA Records (RCAL 1537), USA from 1968.
Track was released many times on various LP's and CD's. Click on the link (his name) to link a Jim Reeves portal.
"Only You (And You Alone)"
From the LP "I'm Yours" on Magnum Records (MBERNR5069), UK from 1973. Not sure if released as a 7".
P.J.Proby was born James Marcus Smith on 6 November 1938, Houston, Texas, USA.
"A World Without Sunshine"
7" on Roulette Records (R 4656), USA from 1965
B-side: "There Won't be Any Snow (Christmas In The Jungle)". Both sides written and produced by "Vance & Pockriss".
"Where Is Love"
From the LP "Mr Spock Presents Music From Outer Space" on Rediffusion (ZS 156), UK from 1973.
The song was originally from the hit musical "Oliver" (written by Lionel Bart). This LP was released on Dot Records (DLP 25794), USA in 1967. A very few copies of the original US version came with glitter on the front cover adorning spocks outfit. Nimoy made a US-only follow-up LP "The New World Of Leonard Nimoy" on Dot Record (DLP 25966).
"True or False"
7" on Big Records (614), USA from 1958.
B-side: "Teen Age Fool". Song was also released in USA in 1967 on the Pickwick Records LP "Simon & Garfunkel - Tom & Jerry" (PC-3059 [mono] or SPC-3059 [electronically rechanneled stereo]). Some reports claim song was available on an LP around 1958 but this remains unsubstantiated.
"Just Like That"
7" on Dart Records (ART 2041), UK from 1973.
B-side: "Have You Heard The News". Both sides written and produced by Harold Spiro and arranged by Brian Rogers.
"You Got The Gear"
President Records (PT 360) from 1971. B-side "Somebody Asked Me" (where Jack Warner sings in a Maurice Chevalier style).
Credit on the record states "Jack Warner and the Frank Weir Orchestra". Jack Warner (real name Horace John Waters) was famous for his lead role in "Dixon Of Dock Green" and the hit film "The Blue Lamp". More information via link (click artist name).
"Snowmobile Romance"
This was a vanity record made by a Mrs Oliver Schönke (not Olivia).
Record researcher and journalist David Noades managed to track down a little more information:
Paul Gambacinni was sent this record in the hope that he might play it on his Radio 1 show. Paul subsequently loaned this record to Kenny for The Bottom 30. The B-side was by a different artist and was called "Alive In Christ". No other infiormation available.
"Teddy Bear"
7" on Starday Records (142), USA.
B-side: "Daddy". Also released on the LP in 1976 of the same name on Gusto Records, USA.
"The Perfect Human Face"
7" on World Of leisure (WoL 99), UK from 1980.
Same track and label on both sides. Writing credit: "Tom Costello"
"Lucy In The Sky"
"The Transformed Man" LP on Decca Records (75043), USA from 1968.
Produced by Don Ralke. This record was been reissued several times, in UK in 1992 by Rev-Ola (CREV994) and Varese Sarabande Records (VSD-5614).
"Unhappy New Year"
7" on CoHo (PIG 007), USA from 1980.
This song wa sthe B-side, the A-side was "Ayatollah".
Both sides produced by Steve Dahl, engineered by Tom Hanson and credited to Steve Dahl Teenage Radiation.
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"If You Walked Away"
No details known except that it may have been on "Superstar Records" (Kenny stated this in an intro to this record on a previous play before this Bottom 30 - 1980 show). The song itself was written by David Pomeranz (who can sing) and was also recorded and released by Daryl Braithwaite in 1978 in Australia (on Razzle Records). I have no firm information on this record.
There is a possibility that this was a "fake" record, a spoof. Kenny was not averse to pranks and this may be one of them. I hope not as if this is a real record it's a gem! However, various experts have failed to uncover any information on this record or artist. This suggesting that this is either a "Kenny in-joke" or it's just a damned rare record (I hope the latter).
Record researcher and journalist David Noades added the following info:
"Cliff Richard recorded the song very successfully on his 1976 EMI album "Iím Nearly Famous". As Kenny knew Cliff (he guested on his TV show a couple of times) I did wonder if maybe it was a joke by Kenny and that he had recorded it himself (a bit like Michael and Harry Medved did when they included a fake movie title in their Golden Turkey Awards book). Thereís also a version by lounge singer Peter Lemongello - whose name sounds like a joke but isnít."
Editor's Conjecture: After much careful listening to this record this web-master thinks that this is actually the one and only Cliff Richard himself. I agree with David Noades' suspicions that this is indeed a "gag" by Kenny, and it was never a "true" record. There is no way to confirm/disprove this -- unless someone has any further information here. Thus I am guessing this is indeed Cliff Richard deliberately singing badly, the tembre of the voice and vocal stylings, to me, are too similar to Cliff. Also - the name of the 'label' Kenny cited: "Superstar Records" - another subtle hint perhaps? (Cliff, if you read this, can you please let me know, enough time has passed now to tell the truth!).
"Dance With Me"
7" on Pye Records (7P-167), UK from 1980.
Interview with Reginald Bosanquet.
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