Kenny Everett's World's Worst Wireless Show :: Show #3
Saturday 20th February 1977
Between 12:00 to 14:00 hrs
Capital Radio 194 (London, UK)
Latest news from IRN (Independent Radio News) read by Adam Clark.
"Made You"
7" on Embassy Records (45-WB 402), UK from 1960.
This flip side was "Please Don't Tease". "Made You" was originally recorded by Adam Faith for the film Beat Girl. Don released around 19 7" singles & EP's for Embassy (Woolworth's own label). He also recorded under the name "Dick Jordan" (also for Embassy and a number of other UK labels in 1960's).
"Hey Little Girl"
7" on United Artists
"Spinning Wheel"
7" on Upsetter Records (US330), UK from 1970.
B-side was "The Wheel Version 2". Produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry (of all people!). "Mel & Dave" were actually Melanie Jonas and Dave Barker. Upsetter was a subsidiary of Trojan records.
"Let's Get Together"
7" on Decca Records (F-21396), UK from 1961.
B-side: "Cobbler Cobbler". Songs taken from the Walt Disney film "The Parent Trap" (which was released in its own right on LP). Also released in USA on Buena Vista Records (F 385). Song written by Sherman & Sherman (of "The King and I" fame).
"Hey Fräulein"
7" on Columbia Records (C20 387), Germany from 1958.
B-side: "Mama". Text on the label reads: "Foxtrott aus dem gleichn.Film. Chris Howland und die Bernd Hansen Sänger. Paul Kuhn und seine Musik-Mixer."
"29th September"
7" on Major Minor Records (MM517/D419), UK from 1967.
This track is the B-side. The A-side, "Auschwitz," is what Kenny actually wanted to play, but he understandably just couldn't. Equipe 84 formed in 1963, were very famous in Italy and continued to play until mid 1992. 29th September (29 Settembre) written by Battisti/Mogol/T.Scott.
"Runk Bunk"
7" on Top Rank (JAR 126), UK, April 1959.
Produced by Tony Hatch. B-Side "Ah! Poor Little Baby". This was his third single and the only one for Top Rank.
"Surfin' Bird"
7" on Garrett (GA-4002), USA from 1963
B-side: "King Of The Surf"
"The Last Goodbye"
7" on Major Minor, UK.
This was the B-side of "The Deal". Also found on the UK LP in "Just A Quiet Conversation" released in 1970 by Starline (MRS 5162, an EMI budget offshoot). Both sides 'written' by Miles, Herston & Prather; musical direction Nicky Welsh and produced by Tommy Scott.
"The Big Architect"
7" on Spark Records (SRL.1002) from February 1968.
B-side: "Memories of a Boy".
"'Til I Kissed You"
From the LP "16 Top Hits of 1959" on Festival Records from 1959.
"The Shifting Whispering Sands"
78 rpm record on Parlophone (R 4106), UK, January 1956
Reached number 18 in the charts (where it stayed for 3 weeks). B-side is simply part 2.
7" E.P. "Besuch bei Zarah Leander" on Elite Special/Austroton Records (45-EPA-1077), Austria/Switzerland from 1952
Wunderbar was written by Cole Porter. Credits on sleeve state: "Das grosse WIENER TANZORCHESTER und das Orchester LARK LOUBE". Label credits: "Ltg.: Erwin Halletz". The tracks featured on the E.P., side 1: 1.1 "Servus" sagt die schöne Stadt der Lieder Langs. 1.2 "Wunderbar". Side 2: Potpourri der beliebtesten Zarah Leander-Lieder (a medly of 7 songs).
"The Martian Hop"
7" on London Records (HL-U 9760), UK.
Written by Spirt/Lawrence/Rappaport. The original version was released in the USA in 1963 on Chairman Records (45-4003) and came in a neat picture sleeve (see link).
"This Pullover"
7" on Decca Records, UK.
Latest news from IRN (Independent Radio News) read by Adam Clark
BBC Sound Effects
"Sounds Of Death & Horror"
From the BBC sound effects records "Death and Horror".
Kenny plays various tracks like "Neck Twisted and Broken", "Leg Chopped Off", "Arm Chopped Off", "Arm Broken", "Branding Iron on Flesh" or "Red Hot Poker Into Eye"
"I'm Going To Spain"
7" on Bradley's Records (BRAD 7607), UK.
Steve (or Stephen) Bent also appeared on a couple of charity LP's by the "Showbiz XI" football team. Click in the link (left) to find out more and see images.
"Opus 300"
7" on Decca, UK from December 1972.
This was the B-side of "Desparate Dan".
"Don't Gild The Lily, Lily"
7" on London Records (HLX 9402), UK from 1961.
This was the B-side to "Hat's Off To Larry". Also released in USA on Big Top (45-3075), in Germany on Heliodor (453107) and in Australia on London Records (HL-1827).
"I Get So Lonely"
7" on Polydor (NH 52331), Germany from 1964
Also released in Canada (Allied AR-6335). THis song was the B-side and credited to "Tanya Day & The Somebody's (MG-3169)". The A-side ("His Lips Get In The Way") is credited to "Tanya Day with orchestral accompaniment (Screen gems Columbia BHI MG-3168)". Tanya was German: no other details known. Ritchie Blackmore played guitar on this track.
"Mother Went A Walking"
From the LP "Just a Quiet Conversation" on Starline (MR 5162, an EMI budget offshoot), UK.
Track written by Bearden. This may be a reissue of an LP released on Major Minor, no details available of this particular release.
"I Want My Baby Back"
7" on Tollie (T-9039), USA from 1965
Reached #92 in the billboard chart (it was not limited to just one copy as Kenny claimed on the show). B-side was "Play The Other Side" (instrumental version). Both side written by Botkin & Garfield. This classic was unofficially reissued in 1978 in 2 different b&w picture covers (Wanted Records CULT 45-101). Jimmy died in 1978.
"Touch Of Love"
From the Stateside Records LP "Touch Of Love" (SL10023), UK from 1962.
Stateside was part of E.M.I. Records.
7" on Psycho-Sauvé (PS-1033), USA
The original issue was limited to around 500 copies (most probably less). It was later released on Mercury (72862). B-side: "Who's That Knocking On My Door". The Legendary Stardust Cowboy (a.k.a. "The Ledge") is really Normal Carl Odam. T-Bone Burnett provided the drumming. A brilliant record!
"You Left Me Sippin' Soda"
From the LP "Golden Hour Presents - American Teenage Classics" on Golden Hour (GH 854), UK.
Originally released as a 7" on Roulette Records (GG59) in 1958 (B-side: "Pretty Little Girl"). Golden Hour is a subsidiary of Pye Records. Other artists featured on this compilation LP were: The Monotones, The Ly-Dells, The Tempos, The Cleftones
Johann Strauss Jr.
"Voices Of Spring" and "Pizzacato Polka"
NOT a World's Worst Record - Kenny played this just "to remind us what decent music sounds like".
"The Mechanical Man"
7" on MGM (K 13635), USA
Written by C.Astone, C. Mastren, L.Burgio, M.Gartman, produced by C.L.C.L. Productions for Teddy Randazzo Productions. b/w "Sweet and Sour" (Alessandro Mentrasti). A few copies were released in a picture cover.
"My Girlfriend"
From the LP "Golden Hour Presents - American Teenage Classics" on Golden Hour (GH 854), UK.
The song was originally released on Josie Records (820), USA in 1957 (B-side: "Broken Heart"). Their solitary UK 7" release was "Peek-A-Boo"/"Oh Oh Lolita" on London in 1957. Golden Hour is a subsidiary of Pye Records. Other artists featured on this compilation LP were: The Monotones, The Ly-Dells, The Tempos, The Cleftones
7" on Decca (F11040), UK from 1958
Credited to "The Most Brothers" (Mickie Most and Alex Murray). This was the B-side to their 3rd 7" 'Don't Go Home'
David Bowie
"Sound and Vision"
NOT a Worlds Worst Record - played as a link to Duncan Johnson's show.
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