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No Twitter >> No Facebook >> No Google+ >> No MySpace >> No Digital Downloads >> No fancy high-tech-gizmos or gimmicks.
Instead, we offer an old-fashioned physical, tactile, recorded artifact: a nautical single by Troum.
An elemental vinyl offering to a primordial ocean from whence we all originally came where we will all eventually return.
In "Saiws“ (an old Gothic Germanic word for “sea”) Troum manages to conjour images of the vastness and depths of the oceans, and unveils a treasure for our ears and minds.
This extremely limited 7inch picture disc vinyl (179 copies in total) is luxuriously encased in a transparent water-proof plastic “sea & sand” die-cut printed liquid-gel pack printed gatefold sleeve.
Yes – each copy is expensive - but each cost a fortune to make. The oceanic sleeve and record - inspired, conceptualized and designed by renowned graphic artist Alan McClelland (a/k/a ::: eye.lyft ::: blogspot here) – is a testament to water, waves, oceans, rivers and seas. Dive in …
... glistening blue enveloping aqua...
... the sea is substance - livid and lustrous and beautiful ...
From Troum themselves...
BLUE MANDALAS & OCEAN WAVES! Picture-disc with unique "organic" object-cover designed by Eye.Lift: a printed gatefold "Sea & Sand" sleeve-bag filled with blue gel & blinking "sand" creating psychedelic, waving effects; on the record two tracks of nautical guitar drone-muzak, a soundtrack for oceanic imaginations, for standing at the sea; this is probably the most beautiful TROUM artefact that was ever released!
Artist > TROUM
Title > Saiws / Sêgeler
Format > 7" picture disc :: 33 1/3 rpm
Release Date > End July 2011
Edition > 179 copies (copies are not numbered as this spoilt the aesthetic)
Sleeve > Unique "sand & sea" gel-filled die-cut printed gatefold sleeve - see images below
  Reviews   Vital Weekly, No 794, week 34 (reviewed by FdW) :: Visit web site here

Its not often that I have to get a towel first to dry off a record, but here it is. The nautical theme stretched to its limit, with a totally crazy package of sea and sand (imitation, silver), liquid gel and a picture disc to commemorate all things water: sea, rivers, oceans and it looks great. Only 179 copies were made and no digital download insight. Good old fashioned style all around here and who fit this better than the masters of analogue psychedelica, other than Troum? Right, Troum it is. This is the right kind of Troum music we can expect for such aquatic excursions.
Two elegant slabs of dark atmospheric music, glacial like, flowing like snow from a mountain - oh, no that's the wrong reference, like a waterfall in slow motion, like a quiet sea washing ashore on a tropical island (although that may not work out with thing being a bit dark). Goddamnit. This is not easy, but the music keeps distracting me from writing. Highly psychedelic. That's it. One side is a bit more melodic, the other a bit drone/moody like.
A great package, well made, a fine example of how these things should be done.

kultur [terrorismus] -- 24th August 2011 (original in German, translated by Google...) :: Visit web site here

Where do we come from? Where do we go? A philosophical approach that usually takes place in the esoteric use and context - the context of new Troum 7inch "Saiws / Segeler". A strictly limited edition picture disc (179 copies) in a plastic bag, with blue gel & sand is filled, through Equation Records saw the light of day.
Despite the considerable discography, the Bremen duo always create new gems like "Saiws / Segeler" by which they delight every collector's heart, which looks alone, the design of Allan McClelland their equals, with Troum a perfect unit created in the water, the elixir of life, in the foreground. "Saiws / Segeler" is a haunting homage to water, waves, oceans, rivers and lakes, where eyes like ears floating in heaven, not least the haunting drone of Mr. Stefan "Baraka [H]" Scarce & Martin "Glit [s] CH "Gitschel behind Troum, whose tones from sounding pull into a vortex, into the depths of the oceans, which also continue on as always brought to mind the finest short game time cinema. Fans need to know this highly exceptional formation "Saiws / Segeler" in their collection, this in my view, the dense and intense work of the Northern Lights for a long time is.
Troum are the very top in terms of drones, which once again points to "Saiws / Segeler" where pure collection from start to finish takes place and the word unity, a new dimension is - my absolute recommendation!
PS: In the end, this oeuvre can in fact not put into words, so my version be very limited - just listen and soar!

Black -- (original in German, translated by Google...) :: Visit web site here

"Saiws" is the Gothic word for sea. The Bremen duo of TROUM probably developed a different meaning, namely that of a previous release called "AIWS".
Now, "Saiws" nothing to do with the Alice in Wonderland syndrome, that syndrome, in which one perceives the environment changes in hallucinatory fashion. And has the hallucinatory, but his place on the psychedelic "Saiws". Before the Picture-7 "finds its way onto the turntable, the listener is amazed the first time. The design by Eye.Lyft (graphic artist Alan McClelland) packaging is expected in connection with publication of a musical to be unique.
The Picture-7 "is located in a cloak of special kind on the back of the release dates are stamped in black letters on a solid plastic. The special is not defined by the front page. There, a blue gel with flashing sand in a sleeve pocket is framed. A slight pressure on the gel area can dream of waves. Has the flashing and sparkling sand is mixed with the gel, produces a psychedelic effect, as one would sit in the middle of a kaleidoscope with a sea theme and small glittering objects. Picture on the single is also a psychedelic pattern is found, which reflects the complete spectrum of the color blue, the darker edge to the center brightening. Attracted by this is of white spray or fog - depending on interpretation. The theme is supported by the Maritime look and feel and is found naturally in the two re-located tracks on this release.
Baraka [H] and gLite[S]ch acoustically captured the original idea that all life comes from the sea, on this publication. Both Dronestücke - "Segeler" and "Saiws" are a kind of "instrumental Dronegesang" are songs for the sea. The crunch of sand between the toes and sets the width and large attracts the eye and the heart to the magnetic horizon. The dense - and high-tech gadgetry free - an acoustic pieces are a metaphor for the vastness of the ocean and the deep yearning of the people.
Such a point is controlled, where the deep idea of announcing that one is confronted with a place from which it comes and to whom you will someday return. Swirl-shaped, the two Drone-swirbels suck the listener, to a nucleus where the next clue also described the perfect sound lives. Whenever one thinks, however, to have met this core, opens up another level and devours the listener into the depths of the noise. But that a perspective of perception is not sufficient to reproduce this publication highlight the summer, is on hand. Leaving the internal perspective and tries to approach from the outside, opens another horizon of understanding. Since it seems as if one TROUM send with Samuel Barber's string offset sonar in the ocean to explore the reason. This sound pulse is added to the Hall of drones.
To 179 pieces of this blue wonder is numbered.
It would not be surprised if among the visitors to the beaches of the world soon owner of "Saiws" would be that I lost, knee-deep - to stand for hours in the water and gaze at the horizon would be. Here she would listen to the murmur of waves and "Saiws" in front of him ...

Record Collector -- October 2011, Issue #394 (reviewed by Spencer Grady) :: Visit web site here


Chain D.L.K. -- reviewed by Marc Urselli (14 Oct 2011) :: Visit web site here
German ambient duo Troum's newst release called "Saiws" has been released as a picture disc 7" 33 1/3 rpm vinyl limited to 179 copies. As much as I am trying hard to remind myself and the readers that ultimately we are talking about music here, it is hard not to talk about the visual presentation of "Saiws", because it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful musical artifacts I've ever held in my hands. "Saiws" comes encased in a transparent water-proof plastic die-cut printed liquid gel pacck sleeve. The sleeve-bag is filled with a blue gel and some glitter to represent sand and the whole thing was designed by artist Alan McClelland a.k.a. eyel.lyft. It's hard to really describe how stunning this object is so I'd invite you to check out the great pictures at the label's website page for this release (
Water is obviously the main theme here. "Saiws" is an old german word for "sea", the primordial element from which we came from and to which we will return. Troum was inspired by sea, water and sand and created two fluid and ethereal tracks of beautiful guitar drones that sound quite solar and almost hopeful, rather than dark and somber. The diluted tones and chord changes depict an image of vastness and grandiosity, and if it wasn't for the sea gull evoking sounds of the title track I would almost say that it makes me think of a desolated and lonely aftermath, the sea to which we will return, in a way. The other side is entitled "Segeler" (german for sailor) and is a bit darker in tone, but nevertheless not murky. Troum calls it "a soundtrack for oceaning imaginations" and the soundscapes are of oceanic proportions, as if the line at the horizon is blurred and you can't see where the water ends and the sky begins.
As you might imagine this will set you back quite a bit financially (around 30 bucks I believe), however, should you decide to buy it, you'd be one of very few lucky ones. This is a rare and truly astonishing workd of art and Troum decided not to do any twitter, facebook, myspace, not even a digital download. The only way to have this music is to buy the vinyl and there are only 170 of them total, so you better hurry. Chain D.L.K. is honored to be deemed worthy of one.
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