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John Christopher Howland (b. 30 July 1928, London UK) was with the British army (BFN) in Hamburg, Germany 1952 and was a disk jockey with NWDR - becoming one of the country's most popular radio personalities. He was also a host of television shows including "Music from Studio B" and "Caution Camera" and had several film roles (often playing himself - see link below). He also built and operated a hotel in Paguera (Mallorca).
Chris kindly sent me his CV ...
1948: Started as a soldier in Hamburg, Germany as presenter/producer for BFN - British Forces Broadcasting Service. Presented BBC's "Two-Way Family Favourites" with Jean Metcalfe for three years. Later became Germany's first radio DJ (1952).

1958: Back to England for two years with Granada TV - "Criss-Cross Quiz", "Twenty-One" and "People and Places" with Bill Grundy. Also "In Town Tonight" for BBC radio.

1961: Back to Germany. I continued to make records (four discs in the Top Ten and I'm still singing though I have no voice). I have performed literally everywhere from TV to street corners and back again. There is very little in showbiz that I haven't done. I starred in approximately 25 movies (five of which have become classics), produced and presented "Candid Camera" and hosted German's first pop-music TV show "Music from Studio B" for ten years. I also got expensively divorced three times.

Amongst other things I've been arrested by the Mossad, built a hotel in Mallorca, spent a night in a New York jail, lent Peter Lorre my shirt, and been hustled through a refugee camp by angry Beirut arabs. I became a German citizen for six hours so I could have a quick dinner in France, and composed a Children's Suite recorded by the Cologne Radio Orchestra.

My first book, "Happy Days?" was published in 1995. The next, "Ganz Deutschland lacht!" (in co-operation with two colleagues) is in its 10th printing and has just been sold to Japan. Solo book number two, "The Perpendicular Woman" (a James Bond spoof) was relegated to an office drawer because my (then) publisher didn't like it. I wrote my third, "Holywell" for the English market. It's not quite science fiction nor is it entirely fantasy but a light-hearted explanation of why the weather's going mad. I have a file full of rejection slips for this but I gather no self-respecting author should be without one.

I've spent nearly 54 years trying the convince the Germans (a) that English cooking is edible, (b) that we're not conservative, (c) that our weather is no worse than anywhere else and (d) that more countries drive on the left than on the right.

My wife Monika and I recently celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. We live very happily in the hills to the east of Cologne, Germany. We have eight grandchildren who live in California, London and Frankfurt.

Before going into the army, I studied beekeeping and played cinema organ at the Odeon, Burnt Oak and the Regal, Kennington.

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