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  Chemistry Set: rare recordings from NYC-area, all original, all vintage, all recorded between 1981 to 1987 (plus 2 bonus re-workings of old tracks). CD remastered by multi-Grammy award-winner Michael Graves - so the sound quality is spectacular.
Formed in 1980 by Terry Kennedy (vocals & keyboards) and Steve Mecca (bass, synth FX, drum machines), the duo were joined by Mike Reaves (synths and electronic drums), in 1981, catalyzing the band into Chemistry Set. They remained a trio until 1984 when they reverted to the original duo until 1987  
Chemistry Set were heard on New York metro area radio stations and appeared on WDHA's compilation LP NJ Rock IV in 1985. Chemistry Set performed live regularly, garnering a lot of positive feedback, some of which is cited in the 12-page booklet that accompanies this CD.
This is genuine, almost definitive 80's electro pop with exceptional songs, killer vocals, and infectious beats. This is genuine 80's music at its best.
Many of the tracks were professionally recorded - so sound quality is exceptional, even more so after Michael Graves worked his magic. Why Chemistry Set never made it big beggars belief to be honest. Enjoy!
Artist :: Chemistry Set
Title :: Experiments From The Lab (1981 to 1987)
Format :: CD + 12-page booklet and a glossy, eco-friendly, gatefold digisleeve
Edition :: 250 copies
Tracks - CD ::
Audio CD (remastered)
  1. I Am A Vapour (1981) [3:57]
  2. Iron Curtain (1982) [5:06]
  3. Chemistry [3:55]
  4. King's Gambit [4:50]
  5. Bazaar Of The Bizarre [5:45]
  6. Hot Spot [2:46]
  7. Ins & Outs Of Love [5:05]
  8. Wake Up & Live [3:48]
  9. Two Of A Kind [3:46]
  10. Love Reaction [3:48]
  11. Gimme Sum Slack [5:14]
  12. I Am A Vapour (2015 Version) [5:01]
  13. Iron Curtain (2014 Version) [5:28]

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Chemistry Set :: Experiments From The Lab :: Equation Records :: E=mc33
CD, gatefold & booklet
Original 1982 VIDEO for track "King's Gambit" (never aired as MTV banned it)

VIDEO for track "Chemistry" (made 2023)


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'Chemically Treated' Band Portrait

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