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North East England (UK) based R.Y.N. (pronounced as initials) initially formed as Goathanger at the start of this decade with fellow group member Herschel Mendez. Pairing down from a 3 piece live group to the 2 man lineup of Burn/Glaister R.Y.N. began in early 2003 with the premise of functioning in the studio only. The next two years became a heavily intensive period of sound research eventually compiled as the 'Cosmic Birth' CD (Turgid Animal) in late 2008.

The start of 2008 saw the release of the heavier, bleaker counterpoint album Astral Death (Unrest Productions) recorded between 05-07. Astral Death was a much heavier, bleaker & harsher take on ambient music. Prior to this R.Y.N. had no real concern for releasing their music. Occasionally demo CDr's were sent to certain people mainly to make them aware of the group's existence. Only one label ever responded with the plan to release something and that was Germany’s Drone Records. Two tracks were recorded during 2005 which were released the following year as part of the label‘s ongoing 7“ series.

The driving motive behind R.Y.N. was to manipulate sounds beyond any trace of recognition, often using heavily processed guitar/bass. Creating an environment or atmosphere via sonic texture puts R.Y.N. closer to the avant garde of ambient music. This newest LP for Equation was created during the Summer of 2008 and was built solely from processed field recordings. This has leant a darker & more disturbed edge to the group’s sound... if that was at all possible!

R.Y.N. :: Skelefish

Release #01
Title:: Whistle And I'll Come To You
Label::Drone Records
Cat. #::DR80
Edition::300 copies
Other::Silk-screened sleeve, purple vinyl and card insert
A Side ::
  • Whistle And I'll Come To You
B Side ::
  • A Warning To The Curious

Release #02
Title:: Astral Death
Label::Unrest Productions
Cat. #::UNPRCD02
Edition::500 copies
Dated::30th March 2008
Other::Mastered by James Plotkin
  1. Conscious Patient
  2. The Cleansing
  3. Mind Over Mind
  4. Cosmic Research Unit
  5. Keel Of Freight Hulk
  6. Astral Death

Release #03
Title:: Cosmic Birth
Label::Turgid Animal
Cat. #::TA331
Edition::300 copies
Other::Mastered by James Plotkin
  1. Cosmic Birth
  2. Brain Pictures
  3. Catacombs
  4. Starfarming
  5. Gravity Drain
  6. Creation Of Infinity
  7. Serpen

Release #04
Title:: Archaic Techniques Of Ecstacy
Label::Equation Records
Cat. #::E=mc20
Edition::233 numbered copies
Dated::March 2010
Other::Silk-screened dark-gray sleeve with spot-varnish black image. Printed inner sleeve housing gray card inserts. Record itself housed in a plain white inner sleeve with stickers.
A Side ::
  • Archaic Techniques Of Ecstacy
B Side ::
  • Provisional Sketch Of The Mind
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